Dental Technology Cambridge

Advanced Technology for Lasting Results

Digital Dental X-Rays

Cambridge dentist showing a patient digital x rays of their teeth

Unlike their film counterparts, digital dental X-rays are able to be immediately viewed by our dentists for a more streamlined visit. The quality of the images is also higher, allowing our team to make more precise diagnoses and treatment plans. Learn more about the digital dental imaging technology in Cambridge we use by clicking the link below.

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Picasso Diode Laser

Dental laser device attached to a small screen

Our Laser Dentistry hygienists mainly use the Picasso Diode Laser in Cambridge for laser disinfection and laser-assisted gum disease treatment. The laser is extremely safe and effective at reducing periodontal pathogens to improve gum health. It can also be used to treat cold sores (herpes labialis) and sensitive teeth. When more advanced surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment is needed, Dr. Todd utilizes the Fotona Lightwalker.

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